Get a new in-depth experience of Marrakech from the blue skies, whether in the early hours of the day or at the end of it. Each timeline has its magic to it.


It all starts with a cup of mint tea. That’s how locals welcome each other in Morocco. It will spike your taste buds and refresh you at the same time.


While sipping on your new favorite drink, you will be enjoying the sight of the colorful balloon and the flames blowing in it.


Then, depending on your choice of timing: a fly in the sunrise to see the dark blue sky fading with the shiny red and orange flames of the sun. Starts losing their brightness against the sunrise light! You will certainly get chills by this breathtaking view and by the cold breeze of the morning air, coming from the Atlas Mountains where you will be able to see their white peaks, especially during wintertime.


As for a fly-in sunset time, you will be witnessing the beautiful pink-ish sky fading to a dark blue and then the sprinkles of stars will add up to make the most magnificent view you can ever imagine! You can go further and enjoy the rest of the night in the middle of the Sahara desert in the traditional tents by the campfire for an aesthetically pleasing experience.


Roaming in an air balloon over the dunes of Sahara and experiencing a close up to the skies must be in your bucket list! And you MUST cross it as soon as possible.