Food. Everyone loves it! But you know what you might love too? Cooking it from scratch.

In Marrakech, there are a hundred of cooking classes for tourists to cook local sweet and savory traditional goodies with the assistance of an expert chef, who is going to walk you through the delicate process of making your chosen three coursed meal.

So put your apron on and get your hands dirty with the spikey spices and the delicious sauces.

But before all of that, you will need to go on a short trip to another dimension in the old medina’s local Souk and get a little overwhelmed with the variety of products, the smell of fresh ingredients, the bright colors of everything around you and let us not forget the shouting of sellers as to drag as many clients as possible. Don’t forget to use your bargain skills to get the best price!

Then it is time to cook! Depends on your choice of dishes or meals, your assigned chef is going to walk you through the process of making it and don’t be shy if you had a question, the chef will be more than happy to answer your wonders about the food or the techniques you are applying.

Atlas, may the feast begins. Sit down and enjoy the art your hand made with your group and share your opinions with them. Moroccans consider sharing food as a gesture of making new friendships and making good memories. Make yours too.