Even if you had a local guide, you need to do your research and find the places you want to visit depending on your mood and your preferences.

In this article, we will suggest the best places you can visit in Marrakech to get the most of your experience.

  • Watch artisans make leather at the tanneries:

Leather-based clothing items is one of the oldest crafts in the world. Luckily, in Morocco, you can still witness this craft traditionally made by workers who carried this craft from their great grandparents.

  • Visit the old Medina:

Dive deep in the maze-like small streets of the old medina where you will, undoubtedly, get lost. Explore the old architecture and the rusty walls and the kindness of its inhabitants.

  • Listen to tales of love and heartbreak in the Jemaa el-Fnaa:

The main square in Marrakech is a perfect place for you to seek new tales to tell and grab a bite or two all along.

  • Dip your toes in the pool at the Menara Gardens:

Outside the busy medina, you’ll find yourself somewhat inexplicably at a brilliant square pool. Sit back and admire the beautiful view.

  • Visit the Maison de la Photographie :

This Maison is a time-lapse of Marrakechian history. You can find many old portraits and pictures of Marrakech back in the old day.

  • Get a deep scrub in a Hammam:

You will certainly get sweaty in Marrakech because of the hot weather, so a nice scrub in the traditional Hammam filled with aromas of natural essential oils. You can also get a nice massage to relax your tight muscles and relieve your muscle pain.

  • Visit Jardin Majorelle:

This beautifully made garden is by far, the most relaxing places to run to from the noisy streets of Marrakech for a freshly squeezed juice or a hot drink with your friends.