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VIP customized services:

Our primary goal is to make your life easier by:
• luxury cars and Chauffeurs: Get your own private Chauffeur to escort you anywhere you go.
• Butlers: Will help you set your house daily life rhythm and make your visit relaxed.
• Home help: Housekeepers, babysitters… all at your disposal to ensure free more free time on your hands to explore the wonders of the city.
• Cooks: Assure that everything suits your taste and makes you feel like a local with the verity of foods.
• Purchase and delivery services: Counselors and accompanists will help you
find everything you desire, help you through the purchase decision making, and even
recommend the best way to ensure that the delivery process is safe.
• Personal and miscellaneous services.


Luxury is your lifestyle.

  • Luxury Villas: Booking in the most glamorous villas with customized services.
  • Riads and guest houses: Reservation, houses rental, be the first to discover the charms of the originality that we offer.
  • V.I.P restaurant & clubs Booking in the classiest restaurants & clubs.
  • Reservation for any special event.

Well-being and hobbies:

Your own haven to relax:

  • Cosmetic Session: Pedicure, manicure, make-up, ladies, and gentlemen to not change your daily routine.
  • Hammam Session: sauna, thalassotherapy, swimming pool: Organizing sessions of Hammam, thalassotherapy, swimming pool, we care for you and your well being!
  • Golf, tennis, yoga, and other sports: Enjoy your free time playing your favorite sport with monitors if necessary, relax and have fun.
  • Hiking in 4*4 or ride a camel: Hiking in groups or your family with personal guides and discover panoramic nature.